Industries we serve

  • Oil & Gas

    Having the right spares and inventory are critical to oil and gas operations.
    Prevent unplanned events by ensuring the right inventory. Achieve peak asset performance and uptime targets while maintaining safety standards is higher than ever.

  • Petrochemicals

    Make sure you have the spares and parts needed for planned and unplanned maintenance.
    In the Petrochemical industry, profitability depends on operating efficiency – which requires keeping costs low, service levels high and unplanned downtime to a minimum.

  • Utilities

    In today’s energy marketplace, you need to maximize asset performance at the lowest possible cost.
    Today’s electric power providers face unprecedented market challenges. Shifting demand patterns. Aging infrastructure. Tougher regulations. Aging transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment to new Smart Grid systems depend on reliable, efficient, low-cost operation of assets.

  • Food & Beverage

    The Food and Beverage industry faces unique challenges, not the least of which is intense regulation by the FDA and other agencies. Equipment is often high-speed and fast-paced, mechanized operations with little tolerance for in-process breakdowns. Continually changing product mixes, packaging requirements and customer demands furthers complexity.

    We understand the demanding nature of food and beverage operations and the pressure to operate on extremely tight margins. Food and beverage operations often reap very strong benefits from our improvements because of our ability to create better decisions from critical insights on its MRO inventory. All our recommendations for food and beverage operators not only prove their value many times over, they also produce rapid results.

  • Power Generation

    The power generation industry is heavily regulated and faces the challenge of staying compliant while increasing service to meet the needs of a growing population. These enterprises also have concentrations of facilities, operations and equipment in central locations, yet may have other assets spread across hundreds or thousands of miles. Some of these assets, such as transformers and repeater stations, may rarely be seen or visited until something goes awry.

    For these companies, tracking its MRO inventory and knowing which parts are associated to an asset becomes a major role in ensuring operational continuity and has a direct connection to the bottom line. Net Results Group has the know-how to help companies in these industries with better master data management, assigning items to equipment, and tracking parts by location.

  • Pulp, Paper and Forest Products

    Faced with an unpredictable and fluctuating raw materials supply, wild oscillations in pricing and increasing customer expectations, pulp, paper and forest products operations often operate on razor-thin margins. Shareholder and stakeholder pressure for profit often leads them to operate with decades-old equipment that is near―or past―its effective lifecycle. Heavily process-driven and highly production centric, processing facilities can tolerate little, if any, downtime―scheduled or unscheduled. Yet, their aging equipment effectively guarantees some must occur.

    The challenge for these operations is to ensure having the right MRO materials available to maintain uptime.  In addition, since many of these decades-old equipment comes from limited manufacturers, having insight into commercial equivalent MRO items at a lower cost is of extreme importance and not having to rely on the equipment manufacturers for spare parts.  This also means walking down the storerooms and identifying and cataloguing the MRO materials, and creating a system of inventory insight across the enterprise.  For these customers, such solutions can literally determine whether or not the operation is profitable. Net Results Group has many long-term clients for which our improvements have tipped the scales in their favor.

  • Discrete Manufacturing

    Operating under the significant challenges of supply, shipping and warehouse logistics, paired with accelerating customer demand for continual product updates with high quality and lower costs, discrete product manufacturers often overlook the value of basic operational improvements. They also see a barrage of messages advertising the “latest, greatest” methodology for reconfiguring their production lines to be leaner or more sustainable, yet don’t implement basic asset reliability.

    In a high-value manufacturing environment where the finished product is not a $1 bracket but rather a $100 shelf-ready deliverable, having a methodology of assigning parts to equipment and an effective asset hierarchy is extremely critical to being a low cost operator.  For these operations, Net Results Group customizes its improvements (and initial cost-benefit analyses) to frame them in a way that upper management understands―enhancing quality and expediting completion and delivery through the reduction of downtime and disruption.

We have crafted an expert staff, developed enhanced technologies, and gained deep experiences over the years.

Net Results Group’s advanced MRO technology and support services help companies easily standardize, analyze and optimize their materials and maintenance activities to reduce costs, enhance operational performance and improve service levels.

15-50% reductions in inventory holdings
20-35% decreases in replenishment costs
30-50% reductions in stock-out risk
15-40% savings within maintenance budgets
400% ROI

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