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About NRG

Net Results Group, LLC deploys successful strategies for MRO material provisioning, inventory management, material logistics and dispositioning. Our professional services assist clients in all aspects of MRO practices encompassing an asset’s entire lifecycle. Our MRO3i™ technology suite provides operational and market intelligence to optimize MRO Investment decisions.


Net Results Group’s innovative technology and proven methodology
provides data-driven intelligence to streamline your MRO inventory,
protect your critical operations, and better allocate your financial resources.

Net Results Group is dedicated to ensuring your organization:

  • Reduces capital expenditure

  • Improves asset performance

  • Streamlines MRO inventory holdings

  • Maximizes financial recovery of dispositioned MRO inventory

  • Supports regulatory accounting compliance

Our Solutions!

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Bill of Material


Which of your MRO stock is truly critical to have on hand?

Net Results Group’s Provisioning Analysis identifies which items and quantities to keep on hand, and which are wasting resources and should be dispositioned.

What do you do with unneeded MRO items?

Net Results Group’s dispositioning services frees your store room and maximizes the recovery of your allocated capital.

Planning an expansion?

Inviting Net Results Group to join your planning phase can reduce your total cost of ownership for new equipment, maximize your warranties, and protect the uptime of your operation.

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You’ll be surprised how quickly we can uncover savings.