Net Results Group’s MRO3i™ tool builds BOMs quickly and effectively.

Bill Of Materials

A robust, cross referenced Bill Of Material for production assets will benefit any company. Net Results Group’s MRO3i™ tool builds BOMs quickly and effectively. It can be deployed in a single or double-step process:


Walk Down the company’s storeroom, itemizing spare parts and assigning them to an asset hierarchy constructed specifically for the company.

How: These parts are identified and assigned to all assets the part can be used. During this process does NOT require the company to stop production. In addition, the MRO3i tool captures each part’s information with absolute certainty regarding its technical attributes.

Benefits: There is no guessing by the person identifying the parts about each part’s attribute – each attribute’s data descriptions are standard and consistent. The tool instantly recognizes and assigns the part number to all associated assets. With MRO3i, building a BOM is efficient, user-friendly, and unquestionably accurate.


After completing Step 1, between 15% and 25% of each equipment’s total number of parts is still in question without a shutdown.

How: Because the outstanding portion is small, equipment only needs to be offline for a short amount of time – much shorter than if 100% of parts required itemizing. Typically Step 2 can be completed during a regularly scheduled PM outage.

Benefits: At the completion of Step 2, PM outages can be even briefer due to the highly accurate BOM created by the MRO3i tool. Return on investment is realized by parts being issued accurately and found quickly in the storerooms during every future PM.

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